Frequently Asked Questions - Rentals

Where can I look at Riverwoods Inventory??


We have an office in Mechanicsville Virginia where we meet clients to look at most of our inventory and pull their look together! Meetings are by appointment only, so reach out to us to schedule a meeting.

Why does Riverwood only have certain linen colors?


We have a much smaller inventory. We are very selective over what linen lines we add. We tend to keep neutral main linens available but can bring in napkins, runners and overlays in any colors imaginable! However, if we don't have it and you want it, we will help you source it!

Why are Riverwood linens so much less expensive than other companies?


When we started offering linens, it was important to Rachael to offer AFFORDABLE linen rentals. She created a process to clean, store and deliver the rentals in a cost effective and still professional way. 

Can I rent décor?


"Coordination Perks" décor is saved for day of coordination clients only. However, if there is no Riverwood wedding that weekend, Rachael occasionally makes exceptions, but it is rare. 

What happens if food spills on the linens?


Food, wine, cake icing, etc are all known items to get on table linens. Riverwood knows how to clean these out! There are some non-edible items that if they are on a linen are unable to be removed. These are listed in your contract and please review it carefully.

Why are there extra linens in my order?


When possible, we like to send extra linens in the same sizes and colors. We understand that you may have forgotten a linen for your favor table, and now instead of a cheap plastic cloth, you have another linen! These linens are bagged with a label, there is a cash fee for use of item, payable at return. If you don't need it, no charge, but it does have to come back.

Do my linens come pressed and hung?


Not normally. Linens can be pressed and hung for an additional $10 each linen. However, most of our clients find our processing of steam dried and hand folded create soft creases that fall out easily. 

Do I need to clean my rentals before returning?


No! Cleaning is included in your rentals fees!! Items are to be places back in the containers they were sent in. Plates to be scraped. Glasses to be emptied and placed UP right. And linens to be shaken out and placed in containers or bags.

Can I pick up my rentals?


Yes! Client pickup and return is free. you must schedule a time and NOT be late! Certain items require an enclosed trailer or box truck to ensure that our items are protected and stay in great condition for other clients. Large tables and arches often require this. Delivery and retrieval of rentals are additional charges.

Where do I pick up my rentals?


Most commonly pickups and returns happen at our home office in Mechanicsville. However larger orders or large items are picked up from our warehouses in Henrico Virginia. 

How long is my rental time?


Clients are given at least 72 hours with rentals. However if you want to return early that is just fine! If you need more time it is a case by case basis at the discretion of Riverwood. 

When do I get my security deposit back?


If you provided Riverwood with a held check, you get it back when ALL items are returned. If you paid via invoice, it is returned in the same manner once all items are cleaned, usually 7 days.

Frequently Asked Questions - Catering

What is included with catering?


Included in your catering is the food, the serving dishes, the heating elements, the tables and linens for the food tables only, drink station of water lemonade and tea, staff to replenish the guest self served buffet and to clear the tables after, and basic disposable plates.

Can I get different disposable plates?


Absolutely! If you would like to upgrade your plates to nicer quality we are happy to do that for you, or you can provide your own

Do you include real plates and glasses with catering?


No, but we can! We have real plates, glasses, dishes, napkins, and flatware that can be rented for service.

If I am already using Riverwood for coordination, can I also do Riverwood catering?


YES!! Our clients often love the one stop shop feel of Riverwood and that we offer multiple services. While some may choose one over the other, we are always happy to combine efforts for your very best wedding day! 

What happens to the leftover food?


We send our couple home with a bag filled with a little of everything from their big day! But any remaining food that is safe to keep we allow for family and friends to take home. We also offer to donate your remaining food to 2 charities we work with, there is usually a minimum of food that must be left over for this to be accepted. 

Do you provide the ABC license or alcohol if bartending?


No. Client must procure an ABC banquet license for the day of their event and must provide Riverwood with all alcohol and mixers. 

We have been asked in the past to do this, but ALL clients so far have opted to provide it themselves when compared with the cost of us handling it all. 

If I use real plates, is it more expensive for catering?


Usually yes, there is a charge because it requires more people to clean the tables in a timely manner. 

Can my family provide part of the food?


Most venues do not allow this. We do with several stipulations and we do not touch or clear the food or plates at all and there must be signs. However, we encourage clients to share their budget with us so we can help them create a menu to fit. And if you have a specific food request, send us the recipe and we are happy to accommodate!

Do you offer anything NOT on your menu?


Yes! We take special requests for food items quite often! We understand that sometimes it is just not a family function without Aunt Becky's mac and cheese, have Aunt Becky send us the recipe and we will do our best to make her signature dish so she can relax on the wedding day!

Frequently Asked Questions - Coordination

How long have you been coordinating weddings?


Rachael started in the wedding world at 16, but has been officially a wedding coordinator now for over 10 years. 

How many weddings do you coordinate a year?


Last year Rachael coordinated 35 weddings.

Do you coordinate more than 1 wedding a weekend?


Rachael does not often take 2 weddings back to back in the same weekend. While it has happened, it is always that the second booked client understands the limitations of communication and availability in that weekend. 

Why does Rachael always wear a dress when coordinating?


Rachael likes to blend in with your guests in pictures. She has several dresses she chooses from based on your décor and color scheme. And she even takes requests if you love or even hate a dress or color! 

What is coordination perks?


Coordination perks are décor that is free for Riverwoods coordination clients to use to build out their wedding day. It started from brides and grooms gifting items to Rachael to use for someone else, and currently the décor inventory is about half gifted, and half purchased by Riverwood.

Do I get to add to the coordination perks?


You are welcome to gift any item you want to Rachael at any time! However, it is at the discretion of Rachael if she is willing to purchase certain items to add to Riverwood's décor. 

Can I do custom signs and items through Riverwood


Rachael is happy to help source or create any custom items. If she creates it, she often agrees with the couple if it is something she likes that in exchange for her labor, she will keep the item(s) after the wedding for coordination perks and the client reimburses for all materials needed to create item. If it is not an item Riverwood would keep, she creates a cost for her labor for creating items. 

How many staff come with coordination?


Most of our couples pick the standard package with includes JUST Rachael. However added staff for the day can be brought on as needed for additional cost. Some of our other packages include at least one assistant on the day of. Rachael is a firm believer in not paying for more than you need, but adding on staff for the day is always an option to have extra hands! 

Where do meetings happen at?


Our office in Mechanicsville is where MOST of our meetings happen at. Some brides and grooms also like to have more informal get togethers, like working out at the gym, or a tasting with a potential caterer. These are options but at the availability and discretion of Rachael. 

Frequently Asked Questions - General

Do you offer discounts?


With proper ID all military (current or veteran), and active first responders, nurses and teachers get 10% rentals and coordination. 5% off catering and bartending. 

Do you donate to charity events?


We already sponsor several large charity events a year. The organization must be a 501-C3 and provide documentation to be considered. WE get dozens of requests a year, and unfortunately we cannot support them all. 

Who can come to meetings?


Anyone is welcome to come, we usually encourage you to not bring small children as they can distract you. But please let us know if more than two people will be attending.

How long are meetings?


On average rental inquiries are about 30 minutes, catering meetings run about an hour, and coordination meetings last at least 2 hours but up to 4. 

How do I secure Riverwood for my event?


Clients are only locked in for an event once a contract has been signed and returned AND retainer have been paid.

What forms of payment do you accept?


Cash, money order, personal check, bank issued check, and invoices can be sent for electronic payment but do carry a small fee.