About Us


Rachael Gordon

Rachael is the heart and soul of Riverwood. She started in the wedding world, somewhat by accident at 16 when she helped with a friends wedding. She then began shadowing other professionals. She continued to grow and master her craft as a wedding coordinator under a previous business. Dan joined in with the catering side that they both love to do. And they like to say the rentals just kind of "happened" and before they knew it there are two very full Riverwood warehouses. When Dan joined in they decided they needed a new business name, and Riverwood was officially launched in 2015!


Riverwood Family

Family owned and operated business! Rachael handles most of the communication, pricing, bids and assembly of packages. Dan handles the heavy lifting, organizing and keeping the warehouses in order! And the Riverwood Kiddos, Matt and Sydney are the best little helpers out there! While they do not come to events, they do occasionally get to help at rental deliveries and pickups!


First Responder Family

We always try to give back and help to all of our fellow first responders, nurses and teachers! We understand the amazing things you all do every day! With proper ID you can get 10% off of rentals and coordination packages and 5% off of catering and bartending packages. 


Love = Love

We are strong supporters of our LGBTQ Friends and Family. We service all types of weddings and functions! And this picture, for those who may not know that back in 2017 Rachael was a surrogate for her brother and his husband and welcomed her sweet as can be little niece into this world! And she is the youngest of the Riverwood Family!  


Collaboration Meant to Be!

Over the last few years we have gotten to know Stacy Burleson and her dedication to her clients and vendors. When she approached us about working together at times, we knew it was something we wanted to explore! Stacy is one of the best and we couldn't be happier to have her as the second lead coordinator on our team. Clients who sign on for Riverwood Coordination and Rachael is already booked, are welcomed with open arms into Stacy's trustworthy hands! Clients know when booking that they will have Stacy as their day of coordinator.